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Everybody wants a skin healthy, radiant, and glowing. Whether a man or a woman, everyone wants to have a flawless skin but like other things, Skincare also demands to follow a proper routine, so before investing in your skin, just check your skin products according to your skin type and should know first how to apply them.  

The order in which you apply your skincare products is vital. Think of your Skincare Routine as following three main steps:

Cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing

In Our day-to-day life, Our skin faces a lot of dirt, oil, impurities and other types of pollutants that affect our skin. So, in that case, CLEANSING becomes a must-to-be followed part of our lives to keep our skin clear and glowing.

Cleansers are designated for the facial skin to remove dirt and other impurities but before using cleansers, the first thing to know is which Skin type is Yours?

Cleansers should be used according to your skin type, that which composition should be the best suited for your face.

Ø  Cleansers that have active ingredients are more suitable for Oily skins to prevent breakouts.

Ø   And for Dry Skins, Gentle Cleansers with added moisturizers are the best choice for you!

Ø   Sensitive skin will have to prefer products with the least ingredients possible avoiding allergic compositions that may harm their skin.

Cleansers are available in different forms as of now, the toughest choice is to decide the cleanser that can suits our skin, the best.

As KORIKART Cares For your Skin, Let’s take a look at what we have in Stock For You:

We Recommend:

Ø  ACCOJE REVIVING DUST CLEANSING GEL TO FOAM  is a refreshing and moisturizing gel-type one-step cleansing foam that removes make-up residue through gentle caressing motions.


Gel Cleansers for Face wash have a gel-like consistency and are designed typically for deep cleansing. Gel Cleansers often do have antiseptic or exfoliating qualities, hence make them an excellent acne cleanser.

Ideal for all skin types.

Ø  Cleansing wipes are a good option for traveling, for midday cleansing and even for those days when you are just feeling lazy, they are convenient, easy to use, and don’t require rinsing.

Keeping in mind, your each and every need, KORIKART brings for you the

TRANEX ELEVEN PLUS Cleansing Tissues by Plan 36.5:

cleansing tissue

The collagen BB Cream presents radiant skin with intensive hydration and perfectly covers skin impurities by adhering strongly to the skin without becoming cakey.

 Ø  A foaming cleanser is a cleanser that foams and isn’t of a milky or creamy texture. It is ideal for removing excess oil, dirt, and make-up, leaving you with clean and refreshed skin.

Korikart recommends you the ideal face cleansing for your healthy and glowing skin from normal to oily skin.

Soosul whitening foam cleansing is a product by SangHwang Mi-in Co.Ltd. It is the only company in the world to produce functional cosmetics with mushrooms cultivated domestically.

This is a whitening foam cleanser, using a 100% natural preservative (SH-Napre). Soosul Foaming Gel contains Mulberry Root Bark extract, aloe vera leaf juice, and other active ingredients that are best for your skin.

 So, choose the right cleanser for your skin type and if you care for your skin, cleanse twice a day for a radiant healthy skin.

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