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For Rice Lovers

korean food

One of the most loved street food in Korea is this – thick, chubby small white rods made of rice.

korean food

This comfort food is loved by all irrespective of the age or gender. People love their food in Korea and they love to share their meals with their loved ones.

Ttekbokki is traditionally made with rice cake, fish cake, soup/dashi stock and gochujang (Korean chili paste).

It is loved by all for its sweet and salty taste, chewy texture and it a wholesome meal as well. So a perfect food on-the-go.

korean food

You will be surprised to know that originally ttekkboki was not a spicy dish. The first ever mention of the Tteokbokki was fund in the Palace Cuisines called – “Gungjunk Tteokbokki” which literally means – Palace Tteokbokki.

korean food

The dish has come a long way for sure and today it is ruling the street food scene in Korea. Now it has its own version to suit your taste palate and preferences.

korean food

There are restaurants and food trucks dedicated to this mouth-watering dish. From meat to vegetable to even fruits and seeds, now they all have their own version of the dish.toppoki

Korikart brings this comfort food from Korean street to your door steps.

Visit korikart today and order a pack of Tteokbokki and let us know.

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