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Hydration vs. Moisturisation – What’s best for you?


Skin is said to be the mirror of your health and body. It tends to get dehydrated and look under nourished pretty soon. Water plays a very important role in making the skin stay healthy, smooth and radiant. It is wise to buy and use products that will make your skin stay hydrated and nourished for longer time.

But most of us keep interchanging the moisturizer and hydrator without knowing the actual work they do for our skin. Though these both products are essential for providing much-needed hydration and nourishment, still knowing the difference will help you in making the best choice for your skin.

Difference between Hydrator and Moisturizer.


Though they both address the most important need of the skin – hydration, nourishment. They provide all the water needed by the skin to stay healthy, young and glowing for a longer time. Water is needed to keep skin from the signs of pre-mature ageing, dryness, dehydration and environmental damages. Still the basic difference lies ns in how they achieve these results.

Hydration – Here the water content within the cells that leads the cells to swell and become plump and bouncy. Whereas,

Moisturization – Is about trapping and sealing in the moisture to build the skin’s protective barrier, prevent water loss and keep the skin soft and smooth.

So, what do you need – Hydrator, Moisturiser or Both?


It is very common to think that a skin that is on the dry side, can get its glow back with just a healthy dose of moisturizer. But we tend to miss a fact that the skin might not be just dry, it could be dehydrated. If that is the case then your skin needs hydrator.

If you’re prone to having dry, flaky skin, it’s a sign that it’s not producing enough lipid cells to form a protective barrier, making it unable to lock in moisture. And that’s where moisturizers come in.

How to find the correct Hydrator or Moisturizer?


Drinking a lot of water is the best remedy for hydrating the skin from within but still the dehydrated skin needs and extra pampering. Natural humectants allow the skin to improve its ability to hydrate itself over time, so look out for products that contain hyaluronic acid, aloe, honey, alpha hydroxy acids and marine extracts. Synthetic humectants, glycerin, urea and propylene glycol are some of the ingredients you want to keep an eye out for.

As for moisturizers, there is a wide variety of options in terms of formula and ingredients. Warm, sweaty spring and summer months may call for a lightweight gel or light lotion, while dry, cold and windy fall/winter weather may require heavier products with ceramides, oils (coconut, almond), butters (shea or cocoa) or dimethicone. These ingredients are known not only for their moisturizing and nourishing effects but also for their ability to counter the signs of aging and free radical damage.


For acne-prone skin, a light, oil-free moisturizer works best, usually in the form of a lotion. These have less oil and more water content. For combination skin, a lotion or cream will do fine, while a serum or a more emollient cream is best for dry skin types.

For best results, hydrators and moisturizers should be applied morning (before sunscreen) and night.

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