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Face Massager

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Dione Plus is an all in one hand held device that aids to the facial. It can be used at home, or it fits any treatment room.
By using ultrasonic wave, galvanic ion, ionzyme, vibration and LED light, you can achieve clear, glowing skin and improve skin absorption and excretion.
It is an anti-aging home-aesthetic beauty device. Apply cosmetics without using your hands.

Brand: Dione+


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How is it good

Clinical Tests
Clean until the innest pore and maintain skin elasticity,DIONE PLUS makes your skin with vitality and transparentTotal Anti-Aging Beauty Device 66.32% improvement in exfoliation 24.51% improvement in deep moisturization 10.87% improvement in wrinkle reduction 1.27% improvement in skin tone.
According to the results of clinical testing, the functional nourishing factors (whitening, wrinkle diminishing, and moisturizing effects) of cosmetic ingredients were found to be better absorbed when massaging with DIONE+ when compared to the use of hands. It was confirmed that this not only improved the signs of wrinkles or skin tone, but also that it exfoliated dead skin cells. Scientific proof is that DIONE+ exfoliates, manages waste, whitens, diminishes wrinkles, moisturizes, and nourishes, which means that it helps care for skin in all stages.

How to use it

F     Face        4min   Ultrasound
B     Body       10min   Ultrasound
C     Cleansing 4min   Galvanic Ion
N     Nutrition   4min   Galvanic Ion
L      Lifting     4min    Galvanic Ion
F·N   Ionzyme  5min    Ultrasound Galvanic Ion.
Skincare System 6 Step


Ultrasound: With ultrasound that vibrateone million times per second,it helps maintaining clear and transparent skin by exfoliating, strengthening skin elasticity and moisturizing effects. Also applies to Body.
Galvanic Ion: Using micro-electric currents,it helps absorbs cosmetics effectively and maximize skin waste emissions.
Ionzyme: With the use of ultrasound, galvanic ions, vibrations and LEDs simultaneously, it rapidly ionize good substances and enhance absorption into skin within a short period of time. Multi Anti-Aging Effects.
Vibration: Physical vibration stimulates skin and help to absorb cosmetics. Enhance Skin Elasticity.
RED LED: 630nm LED light source enhances skin collagen regeneration and maintain clear and elastic skin.

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