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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agent(500ml)

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Developed by YK Corporation, My Cleaning Partner manufactures 100% eco-friendly cleaning agent verifiedby several countries with selectivesafety standard. This product by My Cleaning Partner is a worldwide leading cleaning agent that is combined with food additive. The food additive components are harmless for human body and this cleaning solution made up of water and alcohol instead of thinner or toluene has passed various toxicity tests. There is no additional colour and the fragrance is absolutely natural.

Brand: Style 71


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Rust Remover:

  1. Extreme contamination, malignant fungi, and various bacteria in rust are removed fundamentally and 99.9% sterilized and disinfected at the same time as cleaning.
  2. More effective than detergent, this cleaning solution removes rust in just 10 seconds.

Old Stain Remover:

  1. Works as an industrial stain remover. It can be used in various facilities such as buildings, hospitals, lodgings, cultural properties, research facilities, sports, swimming pools, etc.
  2. Removal of all types of oil dirt in kitchen, restaurants and oil dirt by car exhaust, interior wall as well.
  3. My Cleaning Partner removes oil dirt through emulsion and solubilisation work instead of peeling, finishing work only with spreading and wiping.

Mould Remover

  1. This cleaning solution works through protein decomposition which dissolves the protein membrane of the fused wall first, and the working component penetrates and breaks down the fungus, eliminating the possibility of reproducibility.
  2. With 99.9% sterilizing power this is apt for interior and exterior walls of buildings (ceiling, floor, wallpaper, etc.) and also discoloured moulds from cigarette smoke, soot etc.


  1. My Cleaning Partner removes oil dirt through emulsion and solubilisation work instead of peeling, finishing work only with spreading and wiping.
  2. Eco-friendly ingredients using food additives are harmless to the environment and the human body.
  3. Simple method of use that needs to be applied to the contaminated area and wiped after 10 seconds.
  4. Cleaning is now easier and economical.
  5. Contaminants can be removed easily and it is completely safe for use by humans, surrounding natural substances and raw materials.


Be sure to wear disposable gloves before using the product. – It’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but sometimes it can be sensitive to people with weak skin.

About Brand

Y.K Corporation started out as “Yes Key Your Key” to help the consumers with everything they require for daily life. Constant research and innovation has made My Cleaning Partner one of the best Korean brands. Y.K Corporation believes in preserving the environment and producing eco- friendly products so that we can live in a healthier and beautiful environment.Since the products are made up of organic acid there is no damage to the skin of users, no damage to objects, and environmental protection is also effective.

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1 review for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agent(500ml)

  1. By Upasna on February 2, 2021

    very eco-friendly and effective in cleaning purpose…

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