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EYE massagerEYE massager

EYE massager NURIEYE-5800 : Main body 1 pc + Control device : 1 pc

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Vibrational Massage, heat, and air pressure,are the three effective treatments for dry eye syndrome. NURIEYE 5800 eye massager has been assured by completing Safety & Efficacy clinical trials from KFDA, is approved as a medical device for dry eye syndrome and has proven to reduce intraocular pressure. It can be done automatically for 15 minutes by simply pressing a button, or it can be done manually for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. The NURIEYE-5800 product is designed to relieve nerves, blood vessels, and tears circulation by gently releasing skin muscles around the eyes with Vibration massage, Pneumatic massage, and Warm massage. The device mainly finds the cause of the tears that are blocked by foreign materials.



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  • Provides relieve to eye muscles.
  • Approved as a medical treatment for dry eye syndrome.
  • 5 Step pneumatic massage.
  • 15 mode Vibrational Massage & thermal massage.
  • Regulate the proper circulation of tears.
  • Convenient LCD Controller

How To use

  • Attach the sheet to main device. (Stick incision lines on both ends of the sheet and insert into the strap (headband))
  • With the right position, bring the device to the face.
  • Set it comfortably on the face.
  • Adjust the strap (head strap) by fitting it around the head, and connect the strips with the Velcro (strap).
  • Press the ON/OFF button on the LCD controller.
  • It will proceed automatically for 15 minutes in a comfortable position.

Sales Package

Main body : 1 pc Control device : 1 pc AC Adaptor : 1 pc Massage sheet : 100 pcs


When using an external power supply (adapter), be sure to remove the batteries to prevent damage to the battery and to prevent leakage of the battery solution, which may damage the unit. * Introduction – This product is powered by an adapter or batteries. (Battery and adapter cannot be used together) – Open the lid of the battery on the back of the LCD controller, insert 4pcs 1.5V AA batteries into the holder with the correct polarity (+/-), and close the lid. – When using an external adapter, insert the DC 6V plug into the adapter socket on the bottom of the controller. ※ Using batteries and adapter together, it may cause failure/breakdown of the device. When using the adapter, be sure to remove the battery from the holder.

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