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Sanitary napkins with innovationSanitary napkins with innovation

[JilGyungYi] Heart Sanitary pad Medium 24㎝ㅣ15pcs

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  • Patented material used
  • Breathable and airy material
  • 3 sided sealing for maximum protection
  • 3 layered sewing 5
  • Reduces redness and irritation during periods
  • Protects from infections and itchiness
  • Imported from Korea
  • Innovative corn starch textile

Brand: JilGyungYi


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Product Description

  • Cornstarch Sheet, Extra Thin, Reduces Skin IrritationㅣComplete Three Sided Sealing, an Airy PadㅣNo Harmful Ingredients

    ㆍRelaxed mind with natural origin corn textile.
    ㆍHighly absorbent and breathable.
    ㆍLight as air, super absortent yet very slim.
    ㆍIt is suitable not only for normal skin but also for delicate and tender skin.
    ㆍ3-side end sealing and double packaging save your pads from dust and pollutants.

    All season Air-Corn Sanitary Pad

    Pad cover made from naturally derived corn ingredient helps in better air circulation

    -Breathable material, Excellent Absorption

    -Soft surface texture, No rashes

    -Back-flow prevention system ,No leakage worry

    -With 3 side perfect sealed packaging no worry of contamination

    Good air circulation even in the insides of the sanitary pad due to thin breathable material!

    With Back-flow prevention System, Period blood gets absorbed immediately keeping the area dry and not damp

Directions For Use

sanitary pad


Natural ingredient : Made from nature origin cornstarch, is most suitable on skin and less skin irritation textile.

Precautions For Storage

ㆍThe product may be contaminated or deteriorated, so keep it sealed at room temperature.
ㆍKeep away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, and be careful not to allow foreign substances into the product.
ㆍAs it is a combustible product, store it in a place where there is no risk of fire or heat.

Precautions For Use

ㆍIf have any abnormalities on your skin, stop using it and consult a specialist.
ㆍIf something wrong with the product, stop using it and contact the consumer care office.
ㆍAfter use, do not throw it in the flush toilet and throw it into the trash can.
ㆍKeep out of reach so that infants and toddlers do not eat or swallow, and discard after use.
ㆍChoose a product that suits your menstrual volume and period.

Sales Package

[HE♡RT Pad] 15Pcs

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