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Believing in the principle that The ‘skin’ is healthy only when the ‘cellular’ is strong, Moistie has come up with a tool infused with new technologies and innovation that helps in skin improvement, enhancement of complexion and makes the skin look younger and plumper.This is one of the best Korean beauty products that will provide you a healthier and younger looking skin.





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Moistie CELL+: New Technologies for skin improvement ‘Phytosilica Program’

Phytosilica is a 250 μm long, 15 μm wide bio material extracted from plants that provides a fine stimulus to the skin’s epidermis for one day to provide oxygen into the skin and transfer active substances. Microstimulation helps to penetrate the skin well without leaving a scar. This will reduce sebum generation and eliminate unnecessary waste or dead skin.The micro needle effect lasts for a day, and naturally escapes from the skin after one day, so there is no need to worry about skin damage. It also accelerates skin cycles to facilitate skin regeneration, which helps to improve problems such as scarring and pigmentation.

Moistie TOK+: Volufiline, called ‘Applying Botox’.

Volufiline is a plant based elastic ingredient derived from the Anem arrhena asphodeloides roots, a premium elasticity ingredient developed by Sederma, a leading cosmetics company in France. It can be trusted by obtaining international patents for ingredients extracted from plant based ingredients. It helps to make your skin elasticity and healthy skin without injection or filler procedures like a strong stimulus. TOK+ is highly utilized as apart from face it can be used for body care such as neck, hand, etc. Also, it contains the RICE-EGF of plant based ingredient derived from rice, helps to keep the skin clear and pure.

Moistie FILL+ : ‘Phyto Mucin’ gives you the elasticity and the moist glow.

Phyto Mucin is a mucus substance extracted from the yam, which is derived from plants, unlike snail mucus, which is an animal ingredient. One of FILL+’s features, spider web shape and sticky texture that wraps around your skin improves the elasticity. Phyto Mucin also promotes cells to hydrate deep inside the skin, so it has a powerful antioxidant function, as well as moisturizing and soothing effects. After use, you will feel the glow and elasticity of your skin as if you had been to a spa.


  1. It is cheaper than a high-end skincare shop but also more effective home care cosmetic.
  2. Products differentiated in ingredients by the use of functional raw materials of natural origin.
  3. Prevent microbial growth with hygienic case.
  4. Compact size makes it easy to carry anytime, anywhere.
  5. It’s a syringe shape case that squeezes as much as you want, so you don’t have to touch it directly.Don’t have to worry about the bacteria from the microbial penetration.

How to use it

  1. After cleansing your face, massage slowly along the skin texture.
  2. Massage softly from the centre to side, from bottom to top of the forehead/nose/cheeks in one direction.
  3. Massage softly with your fingers from bottom or side of the chin in one direction.
  4. Apply a lotion or cream after the skin heat disappears.


CELL+: Lavender extract, Centella asiatica extract, Baikal Skullcap extract, etc.

TOK+: Rice extract, Mung beans extract, Ginseng extract, etc.

FILL+: Yam extract, Safflower seed oil, Macadamia seed oil, etc.


  1. In case of having side effects such as red rash, swollenness and/or itching while using this cosmetic, consult a dermatologist immediately.
  2. Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar, eczema or dermatitis.
  3. Keep it out of the reach of children and avoid the place with direct sunlight.

About Brand

PURECELL is one of the worldwide leading brands whose cosmetics contain a mild plant-based ingredient that make the skin grow its own strength. Trust, human respect, and nature protection are the top three calling of PURECELL KOREA.It uses only plant-based ingredients that are safe for the skin and provides only products that my family can trust to use. All of our products are excellent ingredients that are recognized to promote skin regeneration and improve skin quality.We respect each other’s diversity and culture, and we’ll come up with honest products for your precious skin and health.

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