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Health Magnet Power Chip (12mm)

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This Power Chip effectively relieves muscle pain through the application of a geomagnetic field of neodymium magnets coated and processed for use as a medical device. The Power Chip can be attached to any part of the body using a body-adhesive bandage (permanent magnet) to relieve pain. This multi-functional medical device, which consists of ten (12-mm diameter) Power Chips with a magnetic strength of 1,080 gauss, is effective in relieving muscle pain and soreness


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The reason that auroras can only be seen on Earth is because only the Earth has a geomagnetic field. (The geomagnetic field discharges gas from the sun to both poles and protects all life on Earth.) When the effect of the geomagnetic field on the human body is strengthened, it enhances circulatory and nervous system activity, such as cardiac activity and blood flow.

How does this work in the modern environment in which we live? Due to advancements in science and modern technology, we are now surrounded by products that generate electromagnetic waves, such as electric wires, electronic devices, automobiles, televisions, computers, and mobile phones. These products cause disturbances in the natural magnetic field, which leads to magnetic field deficiency syndrome. This causes many people to suffer from unexplained pains and mental distress. In order to protect people’s circulatory health and to relieve this type of pain, Mom Health Care has been working to develop neodymium magnetic products applied with a special natural mineral coating. With the same love and commitment as a mother taking care of her family’s health, Mom Health Care will continue to work to become a mother who takes care of the health of Koreans and other customers all over the world.

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1 review for Health Magnet Power Chip (12mm)

  1. By Janya on February 2, 2021

    the multifunction medical device… you should buy it..

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