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Plan 36.5 Sediment Filter | Tap Filter | Replaceable Multi-Stage Cartridge

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This Water filter works on a technology called – Mechanical Filtration. Here, the untreated water passes through a filter or cartridge that traps suspended particles on the surface or within the filter. Mechanical water filters removes suspended material from water, including sand, silt, clay, loose scale, and organic matter. Pressure of the water cleans the residue completely making the water crystal clear and Pure. When used in bathroom fittings, this Pressure filtration technique removes several contaminants from the water and makes it purified. It comes in a handy pack which can be easily installed in the washbasin or bathroom Sink Faucet, easily.

Brand: Plan 36.5


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Are you sure, the water you are using in your kitchen or wash basin is pure and clean to be used even for external use? Do you think that the water you are using will not damage your skin and hair? Are you facing hair loss problems, fighting with pimples and acne? Do you have a sensitive stomach? Do you have skin rashes and allergies? Do you have eye rashes and allergies? Here is your solution for all these problems – Multi-stage Sediment Filter from Plan 36.5. With the technique of Mechanical Filtration, a sediment filter captures and removes dirt particles and debris from the water. Here the pressure of the water cleans the residues completely making the water crystal clean and sparkling. The filter is designed to defend against rust. Replace the filter after a suitable duration of 1 to 2 months, whenever there is a significant change in the color of the filter or water pressure.


  • Easy to install, can be done without any professional.
  • Complete and a handy kit.
  • Replaceable Filters within
  • Provides clean & pure water
  • Ultra-fine holes for Pressure
  • Imported water filter
  • Used for bathroom sink faucets
  • Made of Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel

Package Contents

  • Rust Filter Cartridge : 1ea
  • Filter : 1ea
  • Fitting Adapter : 7eas
  • Spanner : 1ea

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