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Sajo Luncheon Meat 340g(Pack of 6)

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Luncheon meat by Sajo group is a mixed press ham (canned meat/ sterilized) that has the original taste of traditional ham. You can cook it in various ways and add your favourite sauces and veggies to make it a wholesome and delicious meal. A product of Korea that allows you to enjoy authentic taste of traditional Ham, is worth a try that will ultimately satisfy your taste buds and will keep you fuller for a longer time.

Brand: SAJO
Food Type:
Pressed Ham (Canned Meat / Extinct Products)


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Pork 41.86% (Spain, USA, Belgium, etc.), Chicken 30.44%, purified water, starch (Lithuania, Belgium, Australia, etc.), complex spice (L-sodium glutamate, flavor enhancer, acidity regulator, concentrated soy protein, Refined salt, procure powder, sodium nitrite colorant, acidity regulator)
* Contains pork, chicken, soybean and wheat

Storage method

Store at room temperature

Nutritional Information

100g / 240kcal

Sodium 730mg, carbohydrates 7g, sugars 0g, fat 19g, transgranulation 0g, saturated fat 7g, cholesterol 15mg, protein 11g

About Company

Since its foundation in 1971 as a self-taught business for tuna, Sajo group has grown to become one of the world’s leading fisheries companies. Sajo group has become a world-class comprehensive food company that leads the food culture with passion to provide safety, health and pleasure of life to family tables. The company strives to improve for future and under its vision of ‘nature is delicious’ the company is securing global competitiveness in the future food resource development sector.

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1 review for Sajo Luncheon Meat 340g(Pack of 6)

  1. By Saumya on February 2, 2021

    My go-to sajo! It tastes good and is very healthy because of course, it’s tuna.

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