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Snail Grout (White)

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Perfect for interior design, this Snail Grout developed by ATM Korea Co. Ltd., creates an eco- friendly space that will beautify your home, hotels, bathroom, kitchen and veranda. This “ceramic tile grout” is the new concept, innovative tool that is time saver and easy to use by any individual by his own self.



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  • Creates eco- friendly space in contrast to white cement, silicon materials used in bathrooms, kitchen and verandas of home and hotels.
  • It can enhance durability of tiles.
  • Saves cleaning time and reduces too much use of detergent.


Base agent, hardener, injection container (large, small), masking tape and stick bar. This product is available in six colors: White, Silver, Gold, Blue, Green, Red.

How to use

  • Remove 2mm depth of white cement between tiles with a triangle screwdriver tool, knife or etc. (If not removed, the grout may overflow during use.)
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a dry mop to completely remove the removed white cement and foreign substance.
  • Check if it is completely dry. If there is moisture, dry it with a blow dryer. (If there is moisture, problems may occur after use.)
  • Pour all of the hardener into the base agent container.
  • Using a wooden stick, stir well for 2-3 minutes to mix thoroughly. (If it doesn’t mix well, non-hardening or another defect can take place.)
  • Transfer the full mixed grout to the injection container.
  • Inject the appropriate amount into the grout application area. (If it does not overflow, the balance will be held automatically.)
  • After 10 minutes, drop one or two drops on the insufficient part and wipe the overflow part with a cotton swab. (The work must be completed within 1 hour after mixing the base and hardener.)
  • After 12 hours, it is pinned. After 48 hours, it is hardened perfectly.

DO NOT USE water within 48 hours. (Water can be used after 48 hours.)

About brand

ATMKOREA is a worldwide leading corporation, which has produced industrial electronic materials and supplied products to domestic and foreign companies. This top Korean brand specializes in display and mobile products that suits consumers’ preference in daily living. The Snail Grout is one of the top selling products that have large pearls which beautify the appearance of any building and ATMKOREA continues to innovate and research to provide easy to use, helpful tools.

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1 review for Snail Grout (White)

  1. By Wajeeha on February 2, 2021

    good product…

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