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Tieut Feminine Wipes – Intimate Area Hygiene Tissues for Women(1 Box)

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  • Perfect pH of 4.7 – Safe for daily usage and will maintain the natural balance of your body.
  • Patented herb blend ‘Greenol’ – Anti-oxidising effect.
  • 1 box  = 15 individually packed wipes
  • 100% eco-friendly cotton – Soft and smooth with excellent liquid retention.
  • Sanitary and convenient individual packaging
  • Perfect size to carry anywhere
  • Proven safety – Awarded EWG ‘Green Grade’ for exceptional safety, U.S. FDA-registered and passed clinical test for skin.

Brand: Tieut


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Tieut Feminine Wipes for freshness wherever you go!
Take care of yourself as if you just took a shower with a single tissue during your period, after a workout, or anytime you need freshness. Tieut Feminine Wipes help maintain the hygiene of women’s intimate area. Unlike regular wet tissues, Tieut Feminine Wipes are made specifically for women’s intimate area so they do not disrupt the body’s natural balance.

Benefits of using Tieut Feminine Wipes

1. Perfect pH of 4.7 – The average physiological pH for women’s intimate area is a little more acidic than rest of the body. Therefore, products with pH level between 4.5 and 7 are the most suitable for the area. Tieut Feminine Wash has a neutral pH level of 4.7, which makes it safe for daily usage as it will not disrupt the natural balance of women’s intimate area.

2. Patented herb blend ‘Greenol’ – Tieut Feminine wash contains Greenol, which is a patented combination of herb extracts from lavender, bergamot, frisia, peppermint chamomile and rosemary. Greenol has an anti-oxidising effect, which can help calm down your skin and enhance the natural fragrance of your intimate area. We extract Greenol through a patented method, so the herbs’ qualities stay as intact as possible. This method makes our ingredients 3 to 7 times more effective compared to those extracted using regular heat extraction methods.

3.100% eco-friendly new-hole type cotton – Material is the most important factor for sensitive skin. Tieut Feminine Wipes are made with natural, healthy cotton. Unlike toilet paper and wet tissue made of pulp, it doesn’t tear easily and it’s smooth and non-irritating. New-hole type cotton perforation enables excellent liquid retention. Cleaning yourself quickly and conveniently, wherever you are, has never been this easy.

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1 review for Tieut Feminine Wipes – Intimate Area Hygiene Tissues for Women(1 Box)

  1. By Soumitra Basu on December 20, 2020

    Great product. Perfectly Sturdy & compact tissue box dispenser. Good quality tissue papers as well.

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