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Why Water Shower Filters ?

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Facing problems of Skin Dryness?? Tired of Skin Irritation & Rashes!! Hard Water is the reason behind.

Hard water not only causes problems in your household work, but it can also cause lots of issues with your skin. Hard water contains minerals that dry out the skin, clog pores, and can lead to damaged skin conditions like dermatitis, acne, and eczema.

Hard water makes it difficult to rinse away soap from your skin and hence, affects your hair and skin, making them rough & damaged.

What Is The Solution??

Protect your skin with the most convenient solution, Use a Water-Filter for your Showers. Water Shower Filters for hard water are the all-in-one solution for all your skin & hair problems. A Shower Filter for Hard Water will remove chlorine and other chemical contaminants, making the water much less harsh and leaving your skin and hair feeling significantly softer.

How Does A Shower Filter Work??

A shower filter is a water filtration system that protects your skin and hair from dryness and irritation by eliminating chlorine and chloramine from the water and hence, acts as a water softener.

A Shower Filter uses Ceramic Beads to purify the water naturally. The ceramic beads are proven effective in the reduction of impurities including carcinogens like Chloroform and heavy metals in water supplies.

The water passes through the inner core of activated charcoal which removes all the impurities, as well as bad odours from hard water.

So, get a relaxed bath with Water Head Shower Filters with no chances of irritation to your skin and have a contamination-free water bath.

Get The Best Shower Filter For You From Korikart !!

A good Shower filter should be handy, easy to install, with an effective filtration system and has a maximum efficiency for converting Hard water to Soft Water.

So, get the fully efficient shower filter for your bathroom from Korikart:

PLAN 36.5 Vitamin Shower Filters

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Plan 36.5 is a famous Korean Brand known for its best skincare range. And now, in the list of Best Sellers Products, we have PLAN 36.5 Water Shower Filters that are known for its efficiency and have an excellent build quality. It is a worth for money product that may enhances the beauty of your Bathroom as well as, will be a boon for your skin.

Used to soften and purifying the hard water & reduces the water impurities like Chlorine. The filters are designed with Premium Steel Finish and contain Ceramic beads that will purify the water naturally.

This water softener for the bathroom filters out sediment & physical impurities, hard water salts, chlorine, and foul odour. It also prevents bacterial growth so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy shower.

They have a very handy attachment and are easy-to-install shower filters that makes your skin hydrated & Revitalized with its water softening qualities.

Available in different fragrances that adds the aroma in your bathroom:


Made with the richness of Vitamin C and with an aromatic scent, it will give you a soothing effect to your body while bathing.

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