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Oh My Rice!


In Korea, rice is the lifeline. Tell me you know this and we are good.

Rice is more than just a staple food for Koreans. It is a representation of life and prosperity, so much that once upon a time the wealth of a person was determined by the amount of rice stored in his house


However because of the 4 different seasons, long winters and steep mountains it is difficult to grow rice in Koreas and still they have many different varieties of rice in Korea. But they have somehow managed to discipline themselves to grow rice.


There are different names for cooked and un-cooked rice in Korean. ‘Ssal’ is raw rice and when it is cooked it is called ‘Bap’.

Different Kinds of Korean Rice


Short Grain White Rice

Greatest of them all in taste but absolutely low in nutrients. As it is completely milled, which mean, husk, bran and germ has been removed and left with just starch.

Short Grain Brown Rice


Bran and germ is intact in this variety and so the colour is brown. This is a version with higher nutritional value than white rice. Loaded with essential vitamins and fibers.

Take a little longer in cooking and digestion and so keeps you full for a fairly long time. Some of them likes to mix the 2 varieties for a better taste and texture.

Half Milled Brown Rice


Not fully milled, this rice come in between white and brown rice. Loved by most, it has a balancing taste and nutrition.

Short Grain Sweet Rice or Glutinous Short Grain Rice


This is the stickiest variety of the rice. It is mainly used in making rice cakes and desserts. Super chewy, this rice is a bit sweet in taste.

Black Rice


Originally harvested in ancient China, black rice has a nick name of “forbidden rice” because it was reserved for emperors only. Black rice has a fragrant nutty taste so it can go with many types of cuisines in both savory and sweet. It is loaded with fiber and iron.

Mixed Grain Rice or Multi-Grain Rice


As the name suggests, it is a mix of rice and legumes. Barley, oat, millet, sorghum, lentil, and a variety of beans and peas are the most common ingredients found in a packet of mixed (multi) grain rice.


Rice is the most widely consumed grain in the world. It is a staple food in Asian diets and is enjoyed by billions of people every day.

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