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Sanitary Pad 1+Refillpads 3(1pack)

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Bamboo pad is a removable sanitary pad.It takes the absorption layer outside and makes it a removable pad to fit in with the main pad, making it a new product that is easy to clean and easy to use.
It is a new concept design that can be replaced with a light removable pad when going out, and is easy to repurchase due to low price.


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It is an eco-friendly textile and female hygiene products manufacturer.We own the factory and plan, design, manufacture, produce, and sell it.
The reusable sanitary pad ‘bambeau’ was made from bamboo fiber.`Bambeau`  does not have any chemicals in its products.
1. Korea’s first removable bamboo cotton sanitary pad with an uneven absorption layer removed.
2. Only removable pads can be replaced when going out. Portable and caustic finished product.
3. Waterproof coating for eco-friendly.
4.Maximize movement with underwear with medical silicon anti-slip coating to maximize the effect of leakage prevention.

How is it good

Anyone in their teens to 50s can do it.
In particular, young women in their teens and 20s are very interested. Practice with an up-and-coming idea of health.
Women with severe menstrual pain and women with poor health are also interested.
I like a reusable sanitary pad because I can’t buy it easily in an overseas trip.


It is a reused female hygiene product made of bamboo fiber.
Everything made from Korean fabric is made in Korea.


  • Wash first when using.
  • Don’t put it in the dryer.
  • You can wash it in the washing machine.
  • However, I recommend washing with my hands.
  • It is convenient to use with a special laundry detergent.

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1 review for Sanitary Pad 1+Refillpads 3(1pack)

  1. By alipriya bhattacharya on January 12, 2021

    They are thin and light, very comfortable to wear.

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