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Tranex Eleven Plus Cleansing Tissue(80 Sheets) by Plan 36.5

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The collagen BB Cream presents radiant skin with intensive hydration and perfectly covers skin impurities by adhering strongly to the skin without becoming cakey.

Brand: Plan 36.5

Made In South Korea

Delivery : Within 3-5 Working Days.


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Quick cleansing available with just one tissue Perfect cleansing without irritating skin

Cleansing tissue neatly removes particulate matter and waste in the pores without irritation. The TRANEX Eleven Plus line contains 11 types of brightening ingredients illuminate and moisturize the skin.

Completed dermatologist tests, zero harmful ingredients

The soft, cleansing tissue perfectly removes any makeup residue without irritating the skin.It not only guarantees neat cleansing but also provides skin soothing and moisturizing effects at the same time with nature-derived ingredients, offering a hydrated finish that does not leave tightness, even after wiping.

Contains Botanical Stem Cell

Contains Botanical Stem Cell, Edelweiss Callus Extract, to protect and moisturize the skin.Get radiant and smooth skin for a clean-looking face even without makeup.

Eco-friendly fabric derived from nature

Rayon, a fabric made by processing fiber from natural wood pulp, presents a comfortable feeling of use when removing makeup. It B an eco-friendly fiber that is biodegradable in nature. It holds the cleansing fluid well with its strong absorption property so that you can gently wipe away makeup residue and waste without irritating your skin with only one tissue with a feeling as soft as silk.

Quick solution for lazy people! Fast and perfect cleansing

The cleansing step is the most important step for skin conditioning.The intensively-moisturizing and low-irritant cleansing tissue allows you to remove
makeup easily and conveniently from skin that has become tired due to dryness and particulate matter in a busy, everyday life.

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2 reviews for Tranex Eleven Plus Cleansing Tissue(80 Sheets) by Plan 36.5

  1. By Maryam on December 17, 2019

    Nice product and such a sleek box design perfect for home and car use as it uses very little space.

  2. By Devna on February 2, 2021

    It does the job fairly well and gently takes off all the makeup including my eye makeup and leaves my skin fresh

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