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Sajo Tuna For Stew 150g(Pack of 6)

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This is an easy to cook tuna which can be used in stew and in your other meals. You can now enjoy various kinds of stew or hotpot dishes without adding special seasonings. All you need is to put this tuna and add some spice if required and have a comfortable meal without much efforts. This tuna is not only superior in quality or taste but also has multiple health benefits.

Brand: SAJO

Food type: processed seafood (sterilized products)


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Features& Benefits

  1. HACCP certification for all household products
  2. Easy peel. It can be opened safely as compared to ordinary canned cans.(* Easy peel: Foil peeling method)
  3. Omega-3 (DHA, EPA) added.
  4. EPA improves cholesterol and regulates the flow of blood.
  5. DHA aids brain nutrition.


Bonito 79% (source: Pacific), canola oil (Canada), beef extract [beef decomposition solution (beef: Australia), refined salt], purified water, garlic powder, ginger powder, kelp extract, refined fish oil 0.05 % (Bitterjack tuna: Wonyangsan / DHA 27%, EPA6%), vegetable juice, paprika pigment, oreoresin capsicum, soybean beef

Nutritional Information

100g / 187kcal

Sodium 530mg, carbohydrate 3g, sugar 0g, fat 11g, trans fat 0g, saturated fat 0.8g, cholesterol 19mg, protein 19g

About Company

Since its foundation in 1971 as a self-taught business for tuna, Sajo group has grown to become one of the world’s leading fisheries companies. Sajo group has become a world-class comprehensive food company that leads the food culture with passion to provide safety, health and pleasure of life to family tables. The company strives to improve for future and under its vision of ‘nature is delicious’ the company is securing global competitiveness in the future food resource development sector.

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1 review for Sajo Tuna For Stew 150g(Pack of 6)

  1. By Saanvi on February 2, 2021

    good food, easy to cook..

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